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Screeps Part 22 – War and Claiming Another Shard

Pushing out into the map and other shards for profit.

Screeps Part 21 – Optimizing the OS

Making the OS more CPU efficent.

Screeps Part 20 – Bunkers

Building bunkers to keep my bases safe.

Screeps Part 19 – Operating Systems

Building an OS to better manage my CPU.

Screeps Part 18 – Typescript

Swapping my code base to Typescript.

Screeps Part 17 – Room Planning

Planning rooms to get more out of them.

Screeps Part 16 – Faster in an Alliance

It's time to join an alliance and get some help.

Screeps Part 15 – New Empire

A new empire needs some improvements to the AI.

Screeps Part 14 – More Improvements and a Respawn

Improving my code even more to make it more cpu efficiant.

Screeps Part 13 – Building Up

Using Grafana to map out my AI's progress and status

Screeps Part 12 – Start Again

A new AI and a respawn.

Screeps Part 11 – The Great Depression

A small bug in my code results in a pretty big economic depression across allmy rooms.

Screeps Part 10 – RC6 Twice and a Third Room

Getting to RCL6 and launching into a thrid room.

Screeps Part 9 – GCL3 and Another Respawn

Expanding into a third room after being forced to respawn.

Screeps Part 8 – Constructors & DEFCON

Better defense and room building code.

Screeps Part 7 – A complete Re Write

It's time to start a new AI from scratch.

Screeps Part 6 – Poking the Enemy

Taking the fight to the NPCs and reaching the limits of my AI.

Screeps Part 5 – Finishing RC4 and Rewriting the Creeps for GCL2

It's time to start thinking about multi room now that I have reached GCL2

Screeps Part 4 – We can rebuild, we have the AI

Rebuilding from my earlier defeat.

Screeps Part 3 – RC4 & a Surprise

RC4 brings some more improvements and I start looking for a war.

Screeps Part 2 – RC3 & Beginnings of Multi-room

RC3 means I can expand into other rooms.

Screeps Part 1 – RC1 & RC2

The start of my journey through screeps.